M&V Contractual Services, Inc

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Communications & Aerial Construction

M&V has been a part of the growth in the communications industry from the beginning. As a leader in the support of major communications companies and their aerial construction needs, M&V continues to successfully complete the critical projects which allow them to keep pace, and our reputation for consistently high quality keeps us in demand.

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M&V is a Certified Baltimore City & Maryland MBE

What a Minority-Owned Business provides is purchasing opportunities to companies and corporations that would otherwise not be available. An MBE Enterprises is able to successfully assist your company in entering the purchasing world of Corporate Supplier Diversity and Government Procurement.

Safety First

We strive to promote a successful safety program that is committed to protecting the health & safety of all our employees, our customers, the public & the environment. The goal of a safe workplace ultimately protects & preserves the longevity of our company & provides a stable working future for all.

Bidding & Estimating

Our base of knowledge gained by solving so many different challenges over the years gives M&V Contractual Services Inc. the ability to accurately estimate the scope of any job, engineer the most efficient and cost-effective solution and complete the work on time and on budget.

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Service List

We are a small business that is big on production. We consistently complete our projects ahead of schedule allowing us to be available for future projects.

Engineering Services

  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Determining Best Route Scenarios
  • Estimating Cost of Labor Permits
  • Easements
  • Right of Ways
  • Emergency On Call Staffing

Fiber Optics Installation

  • Pole Preparation of Fiber Routes
  • Hanging Strand for Multiple Cables
  • Lashing Fiber
  • Overlashing Fiber
  • Construction for all Terrains
  • Machine Trenching
  • Hand Trenching
  • Street Cuts
  • Rock-saw Cutting
  • Application of Black Top
  • Installation of Down-guys and
  • Anchoring Devices as needed

Aerial Construction

  • Pole Preparation
  • Hanging Strand (all size cable)
  • Lashing/Over-lashing/Delashing
  • Installation of Down-guys and
  • Anchoring Devices as needed